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Wheeling Ghosts

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Moundsville- West Virginia State Penitentiary

The Jist- Reported to be haunted by the Shadow Man and many more accounts of paranormal activity.

Directions- 818 Jefferson Ave., Moundsville, WV

Tours- 304-845-6200 Ghost tours and paranormal investigations are available. Tell them HGC sent ya!

Field Report- HGC had the opportunity to do an overnight investigation of West Virginia State Penitentiary. The equipment that was used was a digital camera and a digital voice recorder. The first thing to note is the imposing looks of this gigantic gothic structure. This place is massive and very scary looking. To see this place for the first time and to think that you are going to be in it at night with all the lights off is very exciting to say the least.

Before we entered the building, we checked out the Indian burial mound right across the street from the prison. This mound is believed by some to be a source of energy for the prison. Pictures of the burial mound did produce orbs that we have dismissed as bugs or dust particles.

The prison itself has had its fair share of media in the past. A couple of the more famous areas of the prison like the Boiler Room and the Sugar Shack were both unfortunately disappointing on our particular investigation. No evidence was collected and not even a case of the heebie jeebies in these areas. The areas that felt the most active would have been the Maximum Security area, the Cafeteria and the Psych Ward. All of these areas at one point did bring on feelings of uneasiness and of being watched.

The Psych Ward is the only area where evidence was collected. We did get a class B EVP that seems to say, “Let me follow you”, and to that we say Mr. Ghost Man, look us up on Twitter! We caught this EVP while leaving the Psych Ward and going towards the staircase leading down to the 2nd floor. You can listen to the clip below.

Ultimately, we cannot confirm nor deny that the West Virginia State Penitentiary is haunted. The feelings we had of being watched and of uneasiness at different points throughout the investigation and the EVP we captured, do not give us enough evidence to say with a hundred percent authority that this place is haunted. That being said, we cannot say that spending a few hours in a place is enough time to actually authenticate an alleged haunting.

HGC Rating- Possibly Haunted


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