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Knoxville Ghosts

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Caryville- Old General Store

Jist- A dilapidated old building, in a remote area, that is believed to be haunted.

Directions- From Knoxville go North on I-75 to Exit 141 Highway 63/Howard Baker Hwy and turn Left towards Oneida. Travel for about a mile and take a Left at Titis Hollow Rd. Travel on that road for about a mile and the General Store will be on the left before you intersect with Royal Blue Rd.

Tours- None

Field Report- We investigated the Old General Store during our four-part Tour de Turley investigation. The tour started along Old Hwy 63 at the abandoned coal tower, which by the way is a complete waste of time, and not worth adding to the guide. If you must go to the coal tower though, just drive down Old 63 till you see a tower right next to the road and you are there.

Don’t wear new shoes, the mud will find them! Trust me I speak from experience. You wouldn’t even want to attempt an investigation there because it is almost impossible to enter and filled with water. Not to mention being right next to the road. Although it’s in a remote area, passersby will gawk at you. The best part of the investigation was that we all got a good laugh at the $1 iOvilus iPhone app we attempted to use for shits and giggles! All I can say about that is if you ever want to be seen as a credible paranormal team don’t use an app on a phone. There may be an app for everything, just not for that! I don’t know maybe I am just bitter because I ruined my shoes, but the coal tower sucks.

Ok back to the General Store. The old General Store, or what’s left of it is a pretty small building. The brick outside walls are still standing but the roof is pretty much gone. There is a little cellar, but hard to check out due to standing water. All in all, no one felt creeped out there or had any personal experiences. We had the camera, the video camera, the voice recorder and the K2 rolling the entire time we were there and captured no evidence. After investigating the old General Store, we can comfortably say that the building is not haunted.

HGC Rating- Not Haunted


Caryville- The Witch House

The Jist- An abandoned house in a remote area that is said to be haunted.

Directions- Due to vandalism concerns, please contact us for directions. We will only provide directions to qualified paranormal teams.

Tours- None

Field Report- This was the last place we investigated on our Turley trip and although it was last, it certainly was not least. After visiting the coal tower, Turley Cemetery and the General Store and getting no activity, we were itching for some action. Everyone there that night attested to having the heebie jeebies on at least one occasion at the house. One team member was even overcome with sadness and had to leave the house to stop crying. We caught some class B EVPs that seemed to answer questions, which tells us that this may be an intelligent haunting. We also had some unusual spikes from the K2.

It was such an active investigation that we decided to go back and check it out again. The second time around was not quite as interesting as the first investigation. No one felt any of the feelings they had previously felt. We left a mini dv running in the basement and that turned up nothing. We didn’t catch any EVPs the second time. The only activity we got was after we tried provoking the spirits during an EVP session. We all witnessed massive K2 hits while our cameraman asked the entity if it was angry that he was there. We would consider this good evidence based on the fact that there is no electricity in the house and the K2 was in the middle of the room on the floor away from anything that would trigger a false spike.

To sum it up we would say that the Witch House is by far the most active place in the Turley area. We wouldn’t go as far to say that it is definitely haunted, but would say that it is quite possible that you may encounter paranormal activity, should you go there.

We had just spotted a snake, and one of our investigators had just asked, "Do you like having a snake in the house?" It answers by saying, "Get back."

Direct response to a question. "There's a lot up here."

Direct response to a question. "Yeah."

HGC Rating- Possibly Haunted


Caryville- Turley Cemetery/Red Ash Cemetery

The Jist- An isolated cemetery in the middle of the woods, also known as Red Ash cemetery. Very popular hang out for teenagers. Reports range from apparitions to goat-men seen out in the woods. HGC has investigated this place many times and the results have been inconclusive. We don’t really feel the place to be haunted; however, due to the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere it can be pretty spooky.

Directions- From Knoxville go North on I-75 to Exit 134 which is Old TN 63 and go Left. Continue on Old TN 63 North of Caryville about 7 or 8 miles to a turn off on the Left, which crosses a metal bridge and railroad tracks. Take a Left on the gravel road going into the woods, Turley Cemetery will be on the left hand side a couple hundred feet down the road.

Tours- None

Field Report- **Update** We investigated Turley Cemetery again because our newly formed crew wanted to check it out after hearing all the stories out there about the place. Being the obliging people that we are we just couldn’t say no! Unfortunately, Turley Cemetery failed to deliver yet again. We spent a good amount of time in the cemetery and split the crew into two separate groups to cover more ground. After recording the entire event, multiple evp sessions, hundred of pictures taken and no personal experiences to speak of, we didn’t capture anything. If we could take anything from this investigation, it helps to solidify our previous statement that Turley Cemetery is not haunted.

HGC has investigated Turley Cemetery on numerous occasions, both day and night. The equipment used was a digital camera and a digital voice recorder on each occasion. Although we realize paranormal activity does not happen on demand, we believe that the numerous times we have been out to this location and have not experienced any activity, gives us sufficient evidence to safely say that Turley Cemetery is not haunted. On the other hand, if you find yourself looking for cheap thrills on a nice evening, Turley Cemetery does provide an eerie and isolated environment to give you the willies.

HGC Rating- Not Haunted


Gatlinburg- Greenbrier Restaurant


The Jist- In the 1950s, a young woman named Lydia had decided to make the lodge her permanent residence.  During her stay she met and fell in love with a man, and in no time they were engaged.

On the day of the wedding, friends and family gathered at a nearby chapel.  Lydia waited anxiously for the ceremony to begin, but became worried when her fiancée did not show up.  Feeling very upset, she told the guests she was going for a walk to calm down.  Several hours passed when a group of people from the lodge returned to Greenbrier to find Lydia, who had hung herself from a wooden beam above one of the staircases.

Over the years, the staff at the Greenbrier restaurant, attest that a "sad figure" often appears, usually on the landing where Lydia took her life.  Curious customers sometimes ask about the woman they see when they pass by.  Several guests and employees have reported objects moving by themselves, cold spots, hearing whispers, smelling strange odors, as well as physical contact.  Some people have reported visual sightings of Lydia. 

Most of the building is still original including the ceiling beam where Lydia hung herself.  The rope marks are clearly visible in the wood.

Directions- 370 Newman Rd., Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Tours- ? 865-436-6318


Gatlinburg- Mysterious Mansion

The Jist- Nestled in the shadows of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this place is a must for anyone looking for a scare while on vacation in the Smokies. Just keep your eyes open for the ghost of “Emily”. She is said to have fallen to her death from a balcony of the hotel located next to the mansion. Past employees have reported seeing her as well as many other odd occurrences such as strange noises and odd feelings. One of the popular stories has to do with customers commenting to the staff on how well the performance of the actors had been, especially the girl actress. The only problem with that is the Mysterious Mansion has never employed a female actress.

Directions- 424 River Rd., Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Tours- ? 865-436-7007

Field Report- We started the investigation promptly after the mansion closed and all the employees had left for the evening. The doors were locked and we were given a brief tour of the building and learned about some of the past experiences that had taken place.

We set up a static camera in Emily’s room and headed to the dungeon for an EVP session. On our initial walk through we had noticed a monster prop that had a sheet laying over it. Walking past this same prop, a member of our crew noticed that the sheet had been pulled down. The sheet was placed back in its original position and had stayed that way for the rest of the night.

While we were in the dungeon, we heard numerous doors opening and closing, as well as unexplained bangs. We captured many K2 spikes in the hallway leading into the dungeon. After about ten minutes of K2 activity, we all heard a disembodied voice of a female. Thinking we may have been hearing someone outside, we rushed to the door and checked in the front and back of the building, but found no one.

After moving the static camera to another room, we decided to go outside and take a break. While we were outside we heard several banging sounds. After checking the perimeter of the building we were unable to determine the cause.

We left a voice recorder running in the area where we heard the female’s voice, while we investigated the opposite side of the building. After listening to the recorder we caught many strange sounds and doors being opened and closed. While in Emily’s room, two crewmembers heard what sounded like a clown laughing. We also capture the sound of a pneumatic prop banging against a steel cage. Please keep in mind that all of the power was shut off to the displays. However, it is possible that the pneumatic prop went off on its own once all the air was let out of it.

It was relatively quiet for the remainder of the evening. After reviewing the footage and taking into consideration our personal experiences, we were quite happy with the results of the investigation. We feel confident that the evidence we captured is compelling enough to say that there is paranormal activity at the Mysterious Mansion.

Paranormal Evidence of the Mysterious Mansion

Stories- Real Halloween Scares

HGC Rating- Haunted


Harriman- The Temperance Building

Temperance Building

The Jist- *Update* Tours and investigations have been stopped. Built in the late 1800s, and served as a university, jail, city hall, and now a museum, the Temperance Building has long been regarded as a haunted building. There have been several reports of EVPs, disembodied voices, and full body apparitions.

Directions- 330 Roane St., Harriman, TN 37748

Tours- ?

Stories- HGC's Sneak Peek: The Temperance Building

"Hurt me."

HGC Rating- Haunted


Knoxville- Baker Peters Jazz Club

The Jist- No report yet.

Directions- 9000 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923

Tours- ? 865-690-8110


Knoxville- Bijou Theatre

The Jist- No report yet.

Directions- 803 S. Gay St., Knoxville, TN 37902

Tours- ? 865-522-0832


Oliver Springs- Harvey's Furniture

Haunted Harvey's Furniture

The Jist- For over 70 years, this former coalmining town has been faced with haunting memories of the murder of two sisters who were supposedly shot and killed by their 16-year-old errand boy. After several failed attempts of contacting her sisters, Mary found her two sisters, Margaret and Ann, and Brown, the errand boy, brutally slain. Brown was discovered near a second-floor banister with a .38 pistol in his hand, the victim of an apparent suicide.  Brown's face had powder burns indicating that the shot had been fired at close range.  Margaret was found lying on the stairway with bullet wounds in her head and in her throat.  Ann was found in the kitchen lying in a pool of blood. 

Today, Harvey's Furniture is located where the mansion, which was home to the murdered sisters, used to sit. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there have been numerous claims of paranormal activity occurring in this building and on these grounds. Past employees as well as some customers claimed to have seen apparitions of a woman in1940s styled attire as well as several reports of disembodied voices. Could these apparitions be one of the Richards sisters?

Directions- 200 Main St., Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Tours- ? 865-435-7359

Stories- Ghosts of Oliver Springs, TN


Rugby- Newbury House

The Jist- No report yet.

Directions- 5517 Rugby Hwy., Rugby, TN 37733

Tours- ? 423-628-2441


Sweetwater- The Lost Sea Cave

The Jist- No report yet.

Directions- 140 Lost Sea Rd., Sweetwater, TN 37874

Tours- ? 423-337-6616



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