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Seven Sure-Fire Ways to confirm your House is Haunted

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That bump in the night or that shadow that you caught out of the corner of your eye, might just be what you think it is. So your house may potentially be haunted, but your still not quite sure. Well, we are about to discuss a few things you can do to catch your casper! Then, what you can do once your suspicions have been confirmed.

  1. Do some research. Go to your local library. See if they have a reference section about local history. Check for land titles, deeds, area newspapers, and other types of things that can potentially dig up information about your home. Do not forget to take notes about names of people who stayed or lived in your home over the years. This could be important throughout the investigation. If your home is newer, try to find out who owned the land and what it was used for.
  2. Go to your town’s historian. Every town has someone who knows just about everything there is to know about your town. You would be surprised the amount of knowledge some of these people have. Rack their brains; chances are if you have paranormal activity in your house there is bound to be a few ghost stories about your place.
  3. Buy a digital voice recorder. Spirits communicate with us through a medium known as electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP as it’s commonly referred to. A recorder picks up sounds, words and sometimes even entire sentences that cannot be heard by our own ears. Recently on an investigation, we recorded an EVP, at the West Virginia State Penitentiary that seems to say, “Let me follow you.” Pretty freaky, considering we were leaving the Psych Ward when we captured this EVP. Check out the rest of this investigation HERE. These devices are helpful in catching activity and may even shed some light on who or what you are sharing your humble abode with. They are simple to use, just press the record button, look for a red light and start talking. The questions you ask, should be based on the activity you are experiencing. If you have an entity that seems to play with you or tug your hair or clothes, ask if they are a child, how old, what games they like, etc. If you have got an entity that brakes things, scares you or hides things you should probably ask, why it’s such an asshole? I’m sure you get the idea. Make sure to take your time in asking questions. Give them a chance to answer. Once you have asked your questions, play back the recording and see what you’ve got. You can pick up a quality DVR at our SHOP for around $25.
  4. Snap some pics! Just about everyone has got a digital camera these days. Take pictures with the lights on and with the lights off. Review your results. Take your time and look carefully. Get someone else to take a second gander just in case you didn’t catch something on the first go around.
  5. Video tape those ghosts. Video cameras have some pretty awesome features these days. A lot of these cameras have a night vision option, which will allow you to videotape in the dark. Why videotape in the dark you ask? Well, I don’t know for sure; maybe because all the paranormal TV shows do it, or maybe because ghosts are scared of the light. I just don’t know, other then it makes for damn good TV and it intensifies the investigation. So in other words don’t question me, just film in the dark! Review the footage and see what you’ve got.
  6. Install an infrared night vision camera system. I would only advise this if: (1) You are made of money, (2) You are in the market for a home security system, (3) You want to start your own paranormal investigation group, and (4) You have a hot second cousin named Trixy, who is staying in your spare room while she sorts out her relationship with Rocco and has a tendency to sleep walk naked. These systems can be wireless or hard-wired and link up to a DVR. This is not to be confused with a digital voice recorder, this is a digital video recorder; just like your tevo. Generally, you can view up to four screens on one monitor at once and in real time. The system allows you to recorder and save any possible ghosts caught on tape.
  7. Find paranormal investigators. HauntingsGuide.com will come to your home or business and use many of the methods we have already talked about. Once we have completed an investigation, we come back with any evidence and review the case with you. We will also discuss any possible next steps. Obviously our forte is haunted businesses that can provide a stream of income for our company, by way of advertising, tours and public investigations. We have got to pay our bills, you know?! We are always happy to provide our assistance when we can. Please feel free to contact us and we will help in any way possible; whether it is us or a local group we recommend, rest assured you will be in good hands. Now if it is an emergency and you need someone out immediately, do some research before you let just anyone in your home. Most paranormal groups have the best intentions, but there are also some bad people in this world. Use common sense with these investigators. Make sure they are legitimate, check out their websites, ask for references, ask what type of equipment they use, and how well they would be able to help you. Do they pass of dust or bugs as spirit orbs? Or do they use hokey pokey methods? Be weary of places that want to charge you money that want to investigate your home, or want you to leave while they are there. These are some major red flags. If you feel uncomfortable at any time send them packing. Remember you are in charge. Please realize that most groups do want to help. Don’t get me wrong, they really want to see ghosts, but they want to help you too. They usually spend good money on the equipment and devote a lot of their time to the effort. Most groups do not ask, but if it is within your means throw them a few bucks if you find value in their service. It helps to defray the equipment and fuel cost. Again, if you believe they helped you and you can afford a little something, something you know for the effort, it is a nice gesture but should not be mandatory.

Okay, so we learned a lot today and hopefully you are still with me. Let us sum it up then. Go through all your recordings, pics, videos, and anything else you’ve got. No proof? Okay, that can mean a couple different things:

    1. You didn’t do enough investigating. These things can take time.
    2. The acid you dropped in high school hasn’t worn off and you’ve probably hallucinated everything.
    3. High EMF readings

EMF stands for electro magnetic field, now the theory is that high EMF readings usually coincide with ghostly activity. Here is the kicker, high EMF should be backed up with other forms of evidence, such as video, pics or EVP’s to be considered paranormal proof. If you’ve got high EMF readings with no other proof, well there is your problem. Older, faulty wiring and a couple of different things usually cause high EMF. High levels of this in your home can lead to paranoia, nausea, sickness, and even hallucination. Most investigators use meters that will pick up the levels of EMF. If you think you might need one, pick one up our SHOP.

Last but not least, you have captured paranormal proof, it’s confirmed. You have yourself a legitimate haunted house. For most people that proof provides closure; for others that is not so easy. This fact can be frightening. That is why it is nice to have professionals for help. Nine out of ten times, they will be able to tell you what type of haunting you have. Is it a residual haunting? Basically a broken record of a spirit doing the same thing over and over. An intelligent haunt? Which can interact with you. Is this thing malevolent? Will it try to hurt you? A poltergeist, which wants to throw your stuff all over and sometimes even at you? A good team will let you know if you have got anything to worry about, and get you in contact with the right people if you do. I hope this helps, but if you need more assistance we are only a few clicks away.