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The Paulding Light, Ghostly Phenomena in Michigan’s U.P.

Paulding Light

Thousands of vacationers visiting the North Woods of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan have found themselves in the same situation over the years. Parked at the edge of a dead-end road, surrounded by miles and miles of trees, hills and well pretty much nothing else. They all congregate here for one reason, a chance to see the mysterious Paulding Light, a phenomenon that has been baffling people since the 1960’s. Ripley’s Believe it or Not once offered $100,000 to anyone who could explain the mystery.

The Paulding light, also known as the dog meadows and Watersmeet light, somewhat of a misnomer, is actually a series of lights that dance along the horizon. The lights have been known to move around and go from being small to large within minutes, all while changing colors. The lights seem to be the “ Old Faithful “ of ghost lights because they hardly ever fail to produce a nightly show.

There are many explanations of these lights and how they show themselves. Once you are at the viewing area, you are greeted by a sign from the park service that tells you the ghost story of the railroad brakeman who was crushed between to railcars. His ghost is said to roam the abandoned railroad tracks with his lantern. Others believe the Watersmeet, MI. Chamber of Commerce manufactures these lights to drive tourism. Yet others believe it is a completely natural occurrence of gas being released from the ground. The most popular explanation is car headlights and taillights from a bend in Highway 45 about 5 miles from the viewing area.

Recently, SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files conducted an investigation there. They took EVP readings, measured for EMF and methane gas and tried to recreate the lights by using cars on the highway. The results came back inconclusive, which just intensifies the mystery of the Paulding Light phenomenon. Find the directions in the Haunted Places Guide, Wait till the lights are visible and then hike out to them and judge for yourself. We dare you!