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Paranormal Evidence

Not only is committed to providing you with the best information on haunted places, we also like to get out there and do a little ghost hunting of our own. We have investigated a lot of places and this page highlights the evidence that we have captured. We approach every investigation as open minded skeptics. We will try to debunk or recreate everything before we label it as paranormal. And by the way we do not do orbs! Our word and our integrity mean everything to us and we would never mislead our visitors by manipulating or hoaxing. We hope you enjoy and comment below!


North Carolina- Lincoln Cultural Center

"I hate you."

"Jeff" (HGC investigator's name)

"Help me."


North Carolina- Ramsour's Mill



Tennessee- Temperance Building

"Hurt me."


Tennessee- Undisclosed Location

"It's following you."


Tennessee- Witch House

"Get back."

"There's a lot up here."



West Virginia- West Virginia State Penitentiary

"Let me follow you."



Tennesee- Undisclosed Location

Mist picture

Misty apparition starting to form.


Tennessee- Witch House

Mist 2

Strange mist.



North Carolina- Lincoln Cultural Center

(Elevator opening on its own.)


North Carolina- Private Residence

(Unexplainable white arm-like figure.)


North Carolina- Undisclosed Location

(Strange light that flashes.)


North Carolina- Undisclosed Location


Tennessee- Mysterious Mansion


Tennessee- Various Locations

Paranormal activity caught on video.



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