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Charlotte Ghosts

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Charlotte- McGlohon Theater

The Jist- No report yet.

Directions- 345 N. College St., Charlotte, NC 28202

Tours- ? 704-348-5740


Concord-Old Courthouse Theatre

The Jist- No report yet.

Directions- 45 Spring St. NW, Concord, NC 28026

Tours- ? 704-788-2405


Denton- Abandoned House on Jackson Creek Road

The Jist- The story goes that the house is haunted because a man went crazy and shot his wife and then himself.

Directions- The house is located up Jackson Creek road from Reece Dam. Once you pass the dam on the right it is the next house on the right.

Tours- ?

Hickory- 1859 Cafe

The Jist- No report yet.

Directions- 443 2nd Ave. SW, Hickory, NC 28602

Tours- ? 828-322-1859


Huntersville- Latta Plantation

The Jist- The Latta Plantation was built in the early 1800s. Reports of footsteps, dresser handles clanking, loud noises including doors slamming, a mirror flying off the wall and falling to the ground unbroken, and a bed that unmakes itself. Also on the property is the miner's cabin. Although it is only six years old, there have been several reports of haunted activity; some of these reports include doors slamming shut, the shadow of a man that has been seen by many people, batteries being drained from electronics as well as golf carts, and the feeling of being pressed down by an unexplainable force.

Directions- 5225 Sample Rd., Huntersville, NC 28078

Tours- Ghost tours are available. Tell them HGC sent ya! 704-875-2312


Lincolnton- Lincoln Cultural Center

Lincoln Cultural Center

The Jist- The Lincoln Cultural Center was built in 1921 as the First Baptist Church of Lincolnton. Throughout the history of the building, there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity. People have witnessed the art galleries’ motion sensor lights going off when no one was around to trigger them. A door by the first floor office has been known to slam on its own. The elevator will move up and down the floors by itself. On the second floor, there is a female presence and cold chills are felt. There have been reports of children’s laughter being heard, even when there are no children in the building. There are also reports of a worker, who was electrocuted and fell to his death, and a man who had a heart attack and passed away in the building.

Directions- 403 East Main St., Lincolnton, NC

Tours- ? 704-732-9055 Tell them HGC sent ya!

Field Report- We really enjoyed this investigation. The Lincoln Cultural Center is a beautiful building and Cathy Davis, the Executive Director, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. After Cathy showed us around some of the hotspots and gave us a history of the ghostly activity, we set up in the rehearsal hall until we could begin the investigation. During that time we did notice that the motion sensor lights in the art gallery seemed to be going off on their own. Jeff, an investigator, also heard what sounded like running coming from above on the third floor. Not much thought was put into the running sound, until we heard the same noise again at the start of the investigation. We knew for sure that this time there were no other people in the building at this time.

That was an exciting start to the investigation, but things pretty much slowed down for the majority of the time after that. During an EVP session in the auditorium Jeff and Seth Mabry, Editor of the Lincolnton Times, noticed that every time they announced that they were going to end the EVP session and leave the room, they would hear a whistle. The whistling happened three different times. Now for the most startling moment of the night, while we were wrapping up and getting ready for our final walk through, we heard a disembodied voice of a woman screaming. This was no questionable sound, but a bloodcurdling, Hollywood starlet, horror movie scream. There was no denying what we heard and we literally stared at each other with open mouths for about twenty seconds. We then proceeded to run down the stairs to make sure that this was not someone outside being murdered. Once we reached the street, we noticed that there was no sign of anyone. On a personal note, out of all my years of hunting ghosts, this one shook me the most, to date.

After reviewing the footage, we did capture the elevator going on its own. It’s really a tossup for us whether this video piece is paranormal or not, but still pretty cool nonetheless. The EVP’s we captured and the woman’s scream we heard seem to corroberate the female presence on the second floor. We called the Lincolnton Police Department, which is three blocks away from the building, the next day just to see if they were called out for a woman screaming around 3 o’clock in the morning. They informed me that there were no calls like that, and if a woman were to scream at 3 am in the morning, they most likely would have been called on it. As far as the deaths in the building, we were unable to find any documentation to support the claims, but based on the credibility of the source, we don’t questions the deaths that occurred there. Based on our investigation we feel that the Lincoln Cultural Center is haunted.

"I hate you."

"Jeff" (HGC investigator's name)

"Help me."

(Static cam catches elevator opening on its own.)

HGC Rating- Haunted


Lincolnton- Ramsour's Mill

The Jist- A Revolutionary War battlefield that is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of soldiers.

Directions- Take Jeb Seagle Drive past the football field. On the righthand side is the parking lot to the battlefield.

Tours- ?

Field Report- We had the opportunity to investigate Ramsour’s Mill as a spur of the moment type investigation. Equipped with our K2 meters, digital cameras and voice records, we headed out into the field. Our first stop was to the grave of a fallen soldier. We snapped a few pictures and did an EVP session at this site. We did a quick-fire session and replayed the audio to see if we had gotten any responses. To our surprise we got a direct response to a question right before both Jeff and Frank reported to be touched by something. Jeff felt as if something pinched him on the shoulder and Frank felt something touch the side of his face. We walked down the trail towards the site of the old mill and Frank reported to be choked during an EVP session with slight undertones of provocation. Based on the experiences we had in a matter of only thirty minutes, we definitely plan on spending more time at this site the next time we are in the area. With the intelligent response and physical nature of the spirits at Ramsour’s Mill, we do believe that this site is haunted.


HGC Rating- Haunted



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