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Welcome to HGC

Years of research. Many road trips to haunted and not so haunted places. A lot of asking permission. A lot of trying to not get caught. Walking through the woods in a driving rain while it was pitch dark looking for a haunted cemetery (yeah we did it). A ton of reading. Many ghost stories. Finally, learning how to build a website, which we are still trying to do. Welcome to We have put a lot of effort into sharing our borderline obsession of ghosts and all things paranormal with the world. We truly hope that you enjoy it. This is just the beginning folks. With your help, we will be the #1 source for hauntings, ghosts and the paranormal (even though our banner says it now, we are kinda a little physic). We are constantly updating our Haunted Places guide. Shoot us an email if we are missing something and we will gladly research it and add it to the guide. Our main goal for the guide is to provide our visitors with the most accurate accounts of paranormal activity of the haunted places in our directory. We will continue to add these places for you to ghost hunt, tour, explore, and investigate. Thanks for stopping by we heart our visitors, so tell your friends. Add us to your favorites, bookmark us, link back to us, like us on Facebook, and please follow us on Twitter!