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HGC’s Sneak Peek: The Temperance Building

Temperance Building

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HGC was invited to an exclusive media only event, to investigate The Temperance Building before its grand opening for public investigations. We are going to give you the low down on why this spooky place should be on your paranormal checklist.

Located 40 miles west of Knoxville, in the eastern Tennessee city of Harriman, sits the impressive Temperance Building. Built in the late 1800s, the building has been used as a university by the temperance movement; a society that strived to live in an alcohol-free world and also the building’s namesake. Throughout the years it has also been used as a jail, city hall and now serving as Harriman’s museum.

For years the Temperance Building has been rumored to be haunted and now that the building has been opened up for paranormal investigations, you can have a first hand look into whether or not the stories are true. Based on the events that occurred during our sneak peek investigation, the Temperance Building will not disappoint even the most ardent skeptic.

The investigation started with a brief overview of the history and past paranormal activity from our host Richard Ruland, the Founder of G.H.O.S.T. Paranormal and the man that made it possible to investigate this place. We then went on to have an EVP session on the main floor, which seemed to produce intelligent responses as well as a few elevated EMF hits on our K2 Meter.

We then proceeded to the second floor and that is when things got interesting. We captured an EVP that says, “Hurt me” which we will have available to listen to shortly on our website. We also heard a door shut, which seemed to come from downstairs. We want it to be noted that everyone who participated in the investigation was accounted for upstairs and all the doors downstairs were locked.

We moved to a different room on the same floor and continued the EVP session. In this room everyone heard a disembodied voice that hissed twice. It was at this time my wife and co-founder of, Jaquie, was overcome with sadness and an uncontrollable urge to cry. I can honestly say in all of our years of investigating haunted places she has never done anything remotely close to this. After she was taken from the building, I asked her what had happened and she explained to me that she had no control over her emotions and could not stop herself from crying. After Jaquie had settled down and was able to continue, we moved onto the basement.

After completing an EVP session in one of the rooms we all moved on to the next room. While heading up the back of the pack, Richard noticed someone going in the opposite direction. He went to stop them to let them know not to get separated from the rest of us; he quickly realized that he had not seen one of us, but a full body apparition of a spirit. While we were in this other room, we received more intelligent responses from the Ghost Meter Pro device and the Mayor of Harriman, Chris Mason, who had joined us for the event, reported being touched on his leg by something unseen.

We feel based on everything we encountered during this paranormal investigation that there is definitely something paranormal going on here. However, we will leave it up to you to find out for yourself if the Temperance Building is haunted. If you would like to investigate the Temperance Building, please visit Three hour investigations are available every third Saturday of the month for only $30 a person and 12 hour overnight investigations are available for teams of 5 or less for $299 and $35 for each additional person.