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About Us/FAQs

What is or HGC is a website devoted to people who don't just want to hear and see ghost stories on TV. They want to go out and seek paranormal activity. We started this website because, quite frankly, there was not a source on the internet that provided enough information for haunted places. There is no site that we know of, that provides directions to a haunting and whether or not you can tour them. We do, and that is what sets us apart!


How do I use

HGC is the place to go for haunted places, the latest paranormal news, the newest paranormal gear, and the information you need to go out and investigate. Check out our Haunted Places tab for a state by state guide, that is broken down by areas within the state. This is an easy to use guide that will show you directions to sites and if there are tours. Our Shop is a one stop marketplace for all things paranormal. Our Stories section gives you insight to our staff's thoughts and experiences. Our Got Ghosts page is a description of some of the services we provide.


What is the future of

We are so excited about the future here at HGC and we have some huge plans. Our main priority is to build the best haunted places directory for our customers to use. To get haunted places involved to make the process easier to tour, explore and investigate. We will also host special events throughout the country, where you can be a part of a professional investigation in some of the country's most haunted places. We will also be launching webisodes on the site, featuring our investigations and any evidence we collect.


What is the HGC Rating?

The HGC Rating is the system that our team uses to grade a listed site in our field report. Our system is based upon a three-color rating just like a traffic light. Green means go, HGC feels the place is haunted, yellow means that HGC feels a place could possibly be haunted so like a yellow light go or stop, whatever! Red means stop, this place sucks! HGC feels this place is not haunted.


How can I help?

We realize our success is determined by our visitors and customers. That is why we greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what we can do to make your experience better. We are also looking for people who would like to join the HGC team and help in conducting tours at different haunted places across the country. We hope you like this website and believe it brings you value. We appreciate your generosity!